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  Catalog > Jesse James America's Outlaw Bourbon (750ml)
Jesse James Dupree, frontman of Jackyl -- now has his own Bourbon

"Our old-time charcoal mellowed Bourbon Whiskey is made in the traditional manner that dates back to the late 18th century in the American South. Aged in traditional oak casks for a minimum of 36 months, Jesse James Bourbon Whiskey delivers exceptionally smooth, full-bourbon character. Every bottle has been meticulously handcraftedin spirit of America's true outlaw for the outlaw in all of us.
The Original Jesse James America’s Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey is distilled in the heart of Kentucky. Or simply put, “Made in the USA.” We have carefully selected the finest, home-grown ingredients to create this smooth Bourbon Whiskey. We start with a mash that is a minimum of 51% corn to distill The Original Jesse James Bourbon Whiskey. We use new, charred oak barrels for aging the Jesse James Bourbon Whiskey. Legally, we need to age Bourbon Whiskey a minimum of two years, but we aren’t in a hurry. We age The Original Jesse James America’s Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey for a minimum of 36 months. We take great care in producing a Bourbon Whiskey to stand up to the Outlaw in you!
Deriving it's style from the heritage of more than two hundred years of American distilling Jesse James American Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey pays tribute to those who came before while aiming to fill the need for a modern take on an age-old classic."
"It should come as no surprise that one of the hardest working frontmen in rock and roll (multi-platinum selling Jackyl) is as active behind the scenes as he is onstage. Jesse James Dupree and his multi faceted entertainment company, Mighty Loud Entertainment, has created and Executive Produced the smash TruTV series Full Throttle Saloon, acts as general manager for Kiefer Sutherland's entertainment company, Ironworks, as well as runs an imprint label of his own as a part of the Universal Music system. Now Dupree is moving into the world of spirits after a successful launch of Jesse James America's Outlaw Beer in major midwest markets, whose major challenge thus far has been to keep up with the demand resulting from an unconditionally enthusiastic welcome from the beer-drinking public. "I have personally been responsible for millions of gallons of beer and whiskey that have been consumed over the years. It should have all been Jesse James Beer and Whiskey and from here on out, it will be! I may be the driving force that makes Jesse James Whiskey available, but it belongs to and is a salute to all of us outlaws who bust our knuckles 40 or 50 hours a week, and like to do things loud, proud hard, and honest."
Weight:3.50 lbs
Price:$ 13.99
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